What’s In a Name: Rei Ayanami

Some of you long-term followers have figured out by now my posts tend to follow certain themes. Character analysis. How to build a series. The power of N. Stuff like that. What’s In a Name is something I’ve already touched on once without using the title. We figured out that Chise Hatori from The Ancient […]

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Character Analysis: Shinji Ikari

It’s easy to dislike poor Shinji. He’s passive and males are supposed to be aggressive. He’s supposed to love Rei but he’s fascinated with Asuka. He’s supposed to be the hero but time and again he quits, and other people die because he does. He doesn’t fit in with other anime stereotypes; he doesn’t kick […]

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Happy Birthday, Rei!

A Certain Retailer Who Shall Remain Nameless Unless They Want to Pay for Ad Space Here and A Certain Publisher Who Shall etc. have both posted that March 30 is the birth date of the one and only, the sweetheart of Seven Continents, Ms. Rei Ayanami. Happy birthday, Rei! The birthday girl her own self. […]

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