Character Analysis: Edward

Sometimes when you’re just walking around thinking about nothing you think of something. Like, I mean, think about Ed from Cowboy Bebop, right? What a great character! Why is a character that really doesn’t do anything such a great character? I mean, you know that Ed doesn’t really do anything, right? She’s not involved at […]

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Hidden Plot: Cowboy Bebop

It’s been a while since I talked about meta-plot, the overall structure of a series. Partly that’s because it seems like that talking meta-plot be a case of flagellating the deceased equine; partly because it sometimes seems like meta-plot is just too simple. I mean, after all, there are supposedly only seven basic (meta-)plots: Rags […]

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Ground Rules

I can’t possibly be the first person to blog about anime and manga. It’s unlikely I’m in the first million. But here we go… Three years ago I didn’t know anything about anime apart from what was on Adult Swim, and very little of that. Yeah, yeah, Pokemon, Dragonball, even (briefly) Cardcaptor; but I didn’t […]

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