The Power of Two: Nana

Man, I like Nana. It’s grown-up, right? Well, at least they try. The gimmick is that both main characters are named Nana, Nana Oosaki and Nana Kumatsu. They meet by accident on a train and become roommates as they try to make it in the big city, New York, New York. No, really it’s Tokyo, […]

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Character Analysis: Ringo Oginome

You may or may not like Penguindrum – it’s certainly weird, that’s for sure – but as I watched it I was struck by how many characters with interesting constructions there were. For instance, the central characters, Kanba, Shoma, and Himari Takakura, form a Body-Mind-Soul trio, but they each transcend their primary role and they […]

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Oh, So Tropical: The Soul Girl

I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at a trio of characters and seen them forming a classic Mind-Body-Soul trio. Sure. How about Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles, right? One thing about those roles is that two of them are stereotypically male and the other stereotypically female. Is that morally right? Heck, no. But tropes […]

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