Character Analysis: Lisa Mishima

I’ve generally liked the way Shinichiro Watanabe handles female characters. He seems to find a way to avoid simple tropes. Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine is seriously hot but she is strong and avoids the Princess in Peril  and Girlfriend stereotypes. Ed is completely unique, a free-range child. Samurai Champloo: Fuu is small and physically weak […]

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The Outsider: Elias Ainsworth

The Outsider is a character who comes from another world in some way; a different country, a different social class, a different planet, a different species, even a different gender. (Your Name, anyone? Although Inside Mari is a better example.) The Outsider is a useful narrative tool because people have to explain things to them. […]

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The Odd Couple: Carole and Tuesday

When I look at couples I tend to classify them as complementary or parallel. A parallel couple is one whose strengths and weaknesses are similar. As a narrative device device, a parallel couple is usually composed of rivals. Because their strengths and weaknesses are similar, they are evenly matched as opponents, meaning conflict between them […]

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