Character Analysis: Re-L Mayer

Ergo Proxy is one of those things you can stare at for a long time. It’s deeply grounded in philosophy and puts together a look and sound that matches its bleak world view. At its center are the three main characters, Vincent Law, Pino and Re-L Mayer. Together they form a really warped Father/Mother/Child trio, […]

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Character Analysis: Ringo Oginome

You may or may not like Penguindrum – it’s certainly weird, that’s for sure – but as I watched it I was struck by how many characters with interesting constructions there were. For instance, the central characters, Kanba, Shoma, and Himari Takakura, form a Body-Mind-Soul trio, but they each transcend their primary role and they […]

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Character Analysis: Rea Sanka

You know, in a certain way Rea Sanka, the titular character of Sankarea, is one of the saddest characters in anime. Sure, there are characters who are supposed to be sad, or whose loss is shocking. Right? When Kaori dies in Your Lie in April – oh, man, what a tearjerker. But Kaori’s JOB was […]

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