The Antagonist: The System

“The System,” some kind of deeply hidden procedure or agency, makes a great antagonist. Tell you why in a sec. You see “The System” in a lot of places. Off the top of my head I can think of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Puella Magi Madoka Magika, and Wonder Egg Priority, and if I’ve got three […]

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Character Analysis: Roanapur

It seems a little odd to describe a locale or setting as a character. I mean, in college, it could get your paper marked “-5 Anthropomorphism” or something like that. If your professor was feeling nice, that is. And could spell “anthropomorphism,” which I couldn’t until I looked it up. But let’s stop to think […]

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The Antagonist: Ragyo Kiryuin

You know it seems like in a lot anime you never really see the antagonist unless there’s big fight. Look at Sailor Moon, right? The antagonist appears in like scene two or three, giving orders to some underling, and then disappears for the rest of the episode while the underling is getting whupped in the […]

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Character Analysis: Haruko Haruhara

Haruko from FLCL is another character who is really easy to analyze. She’s a Look at Me woman. Boop. That’s it. That doesn’t make her a bad character, or, even worse, a forgettable character. One hundred percent the opposite! Haruko is without question the single most UNforgettable character from the entire FLCL franchise, and the […]

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