The Voice: Wendee Lee

Okay, I STILL talk too much about writing and not enough about animating. That’s probably not unreasonable. There are a lot more writers than animators out there, when you get right down to it. Animation, except on computer, is a really expensive hobby, while writing…pencil, paper, done. Boom. But anyone can talk about writing. Let’s […]

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How It’s Done II: Shirobako

This is the second of a two-parter on Shirobako, the anime set in an anime studio. There’s just something so meta about that I found it irresistible. Plus it allowed me to look at an anime from my perspective of a trained, award-winning animator, which something I don’t get enough chance to do. Last week […]

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How It’s Done: Shirobako

I promised to take a perspective on anime and manga that would go beyond just the “I like it/I don’t like it” axis, and that my perspective was based on two things: my background as a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and my background as a trained animator. One of those two has been […]

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