Another Writing Drop (!)(!!)

This blog and my writing career have a long-term love/hate relationship. On Mondays (usually just after midnight Eastern Standard Time, because I hate to wait), I drop a main post on the blog’s theme, which is me talking about anime and manga from my twin perspectives as a writer and a trained animator. But at […]

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A Plug

I try not to spam you guys too much, but I am a living writer and like most, if not all, living writers I like to eat. Right now I’ve got a book out. Do you like that cover? It reminded me of Tolkein’s illustrations for The Hobbit. Okay, let me make this clear: It’s […]

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More Writing Goodness

I’ve mentioned a couple times that along with my blog I also write. I mostly write science fiction and fantasy, but I when I heard about a new website, Crimson Streets, that was buying pulp fiction, I said, “I’ll give that a try.” I did. They liked it. So my piece, “Old Money, Old Blood,” […]

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