Fun With School: Citrus

One of the cool things about a person in my racket – I’m a professor of Communication – is you can see the stuff we talk about in class coming out in anime and manga. Right? Art imitates life, right? Well, in a way it has to. If you are trying to write a believable […]

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The Outsider: Saiki K

At some point someone realized that pointing out the absurdities and contradictions of everyday life could be really funny. I mean, seriously, going back to at least George Carlin. Then of course there’s Jerry Seinfeld. Even Krusty the Klown figures it out, and he never figures out anything. You know why that’s relevant to Saiki […]

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How To Build a Series: Toradora

I always like a nice case of Stealth Storytelling. Look, in a lot of ways, when you have a really basic story what you’re really exploring is character development, right? Like there’s this novel I’ve been working on. It’s just a Comedy: Girl meets Boy, Girl loses Boy, Girl gets Boy. Like, it’s that simple. […]

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