Happy Anniversary, Me

I normally post on Monday morning, in fact, generally about 12:01 AM since I’m so eager … well, no. It’s because if I do things the same way all the time I don’t forget them.

Yeah, I was a little late this week for (dun dun dun) reasons.

I usually talk about something to do with writing or animation in manga and an8me since that’s what I do, but sometimes I make an exception for, oh, Rei Ayanami’s birthday or Syl Sylvain passing on or a story dropping or whatever.

Or the anniversary of this blog. Yep, 4 February 2018. (Editor’s note: I had to fix that. Nope, not 1988!) It’s been five whole years.

That’s 325 posts, 78,190 visitors (most of them bots, I suspect), 200 comments, 267 followers. Thanks! Well, not for the posts. Those were all me. But everything else is totally you! Thank you very much.

I usually take these anniversary posts as the opportunity to talk about something of particular interest solely to myself, something especially technical like layers of self-reference or something like that.

Instead, I’m going to talk about the future of this blog.

Looking back, there’s one huge gap in all these posts about writing and animation. For whatever reason I’ve never talked about antagonists. That’s interesting and it’s an oversight on my part. Repeat after me: A good antagonist is more interesting than a good protagonist.

I mean, right? You know that the protagonist is going to win almost all the time. That gives the protagonist a certain narrative strength: If they are built well, you like them, so it is a triumph when they win. Positive emotional release, right? It’s low hanging fruit.

But a good antagonist has attractive elements, too. That’s like Rule One: Every villain is a hero in their own mind. If they aren’t completely bogus or a paper tiger (I’m looking at you, Dragonball), the antagonist has attractive elements, too.

So when they lose … dayuum. Expect to see a series on antagonists soon.

But I also expect that sometime in the next year I’ll stop writing this blog. I have posts in the can, and I have a list of things I want to talk about, but I have a much longer … much much longer …. List of things I have seen or read that I have nothing to say about. That’s a lot of reading and watching and I had fun doing it, but as I run out of things to see I run out of things to talk about.

Not new series, mind you. There are always plenty of those. But new plots, new constructions, new relationships, new ways of telling stories … the more time you spend with a medium, the fewer original things you see in it.

And the less I have to talk about, the less I have to say.

In fact, if you have something you want me to have a look at, please let me know. You have put me onto some good shows and some really good ideas in the past half decade.

And I’m not quitting right now. I has ideers, and a backlog of posts, too.

See you next Monday!

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