Story Drop!

Yay! It happened again! I sold a story!

Shh … this is an ugly secret, but I knew this months ago. They’ve even already paid me.

Anywho, here’s the anthology Strange Wars, which includes my story “Border Skirmish.”

Yes, it’s edited by Don Miasek. He’s pretty cool.

And here’s the deal: While it’s technically in pre-publication, which it is until May 4, it is


That’s right. Just go here and get the ebook version for ZIPPO. (Well, they would really really like a review.)

“Border Skirmish” showcases my twisted sense of humor at its finest. Would you like to deal with an Artificial Intelligence that channels John Wayne? Or a war where the worst imaginable outcome was a cut in the defense budget?

“Border Skirmish” first appeared in the Martinus Publishing anthology Forbidden. You might like that, too, and you can find it on Amazon, too.


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