The Power of Two: Nana

Man, I like Nana. It’s grown-up, right? Well, at least they try. The gimmick is that both main characters are named Nana, Nana Oosaki and Nana Kumatsu. They meet by accident on a train and become roommates as they try to make it in the big city, New York, New York. No, really it’s Tokyo, […]

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Character Analysis: Ringo Oginome

You may or may not like Penguindrum – it’s certainly weird, that’s for sure – but as I watched it I was struck by how many characters with interesting constructions there were. For instance, the central characters, Kanba, Shoma, and Himari Takakura, form a Body-Mind-Soul trio, but they each transcend their primary role and they […]

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