Relevant Irrelevant Post: Book Out

So I did a thing.

Well, I did a lot of things. Started the new semester. Watched Princess Jellyfish. Got rained on a few days ago. Went to ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT.

But I also bit the bullet and FINALLY finished a project I’ve been working on for more than a year: I took the posts from this blog, curated them, gave them an organizational structure, and put them out as an e-book.

A real book! You can buy it! And it’s out right now for less than two stinking dollars!

(You can probably guess how much less than two dollars.)

Whether or not you like the book, you have to say, “Man, that’s a cool cover!”

This is what you get for your less than two bucks:

How did they build a character like Spike Spiegel? What’s behind a relationship like Haruhi’s and Kyon’s? Who is Black Lagoon really about? Samurai Storyteller: Using Anime to Explore Writing explores these questions and dozens more.

Drawing from hundreds of posts on his award-winning blog The Overage Otaku, writer and animator Dave D’Alessio shows you what writers can learn by diving into anime like Kill la Kill, Princess Jellyfish, and Your Lie in April. Sections of Samurai Storyteller explore the basics of writing fiction, the creation of characters and developing relationships between them, plots basic and complex, building underlying worlds, and putting them all together into stories.

Topics include:
How to Write a Sailor Moon Episode
The Power of Three Squared: Outlaw Star
Going Dark: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Plots de Deux: Your Lie in April
And more than fifty more!

Whether you are a writer interested in anime or an anime fan excited about writing, Samurai Storyteller has something for you!

Yes, some of you long-term readers might recognize some of those titles. And if you try hard enough, you can still find them here at this site. Of course, you get them out of context and organized how this site is organized: Once a week I post whatever strikes my fancy.

But why would you want to do that? If you interested in writing and how it’s done, and what anime can show us about the writing process, you want to check out Samurai Storyteller. (Yeah, that’s supposed to be a link.)

You know you want to. I mean, even a small coffee at Dunkins is more than two bucks these days!

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