Partly Relevant Aside: Comic Book Weekend

Okay, so I have a writing buddy named Kate Kulig. She writes a series called the Bloody Murder Mysteries. Yeah, that’s a link to her Amazon page. I’ve never plugged her before, so this is her turn. She has a blog here, too.

But here’s the real story: Kate has been reminding everyone in her Facebook feed that this weekend, Friday, Feb 26, through Sunday, Feb 28, is Comic Book Weekend. Participants vow to read nothing but comic books and watch nothing but cartoons on TV during the weekend.

Can I do that? Oh, heck, yeah!

Do I want to do that? Oh, heck, yeah!!!

So I asked her, “Do manga and anime count?” And she said, “Why not?”

I am in. I am so in! I am so in I’m telling everyone about it!

So, starting Friday night (after Gold Rush. Got to see those wash plants in action) I will be watching nothing but anime and cartoons (got to sneak in The Simpsons and Teen Titans Go!) and reading nothing but manga until midnight Sunday. I’ll even toss in one more: during that time period I will write nothing but posts for this blog!

Disclaimer: Of necessity this excludes anything I have to do for The Day Job. You know, since they paid me again this week.

So, what’s on the list?


Domestic Girlfriend. From left, Hina, Natsuo, Rui. Ooh, do you see a love triangle?

Demon Slayer, Tokyo Godfathers, Domestic Girlfriend, Night is Short Walk on Girl, Master of Martial Hearts. I may watch Toradora again – there’s something I want to check in it. If that doesn’t fill up my weekend, I can fall back on an oldie like Samurai Champloo or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.


Volume 2. Already read Volume 1.

Showa: A History of Japan Vol 2 1939-1944, The Flowers of Evil, Neon Genesis Evangelion. If those three don’t hold me, I have Descending Stories, Inside Mari, and O Maidens in Your Savage Season lined up. (I only plan on scanning EVA. Believe it or not, I use it as an instructional aid in class!) (No, I don’t teach literature.)

Blog posts:

I’ll think of something. I do have a few choice comments on Taiga Aikawa and Chise Hatori for character analyses, and it’s not an accident Domestic Girlfriend is on the viewing list. I need to get back to Kids on the Slope again, and there’s another trope that annoys the heck out of me. That would be five posts … it’ll put me more than a month back ahead of schedule. And who knows what I’ll see in Demon Slayer?

There, that should hold me. Anyone else in?

3 thoughts on “Partly Relevant Aside: Comic Book Weekend

    1. My Netflix has been wonky so I have had to see far too much of Craig of the Creek to keep things going. But I finished Domestic Girlfriend and Tokyo Godfathers, and am up to Ep.20 of Demon Slayer. Fun times.


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