Buddy’s Book

I love anime and I love manga and I love talking about anime and manga.

But I make no bones about the fact that I’m a writer. And like making manga and anime friends when you like manga and anime, when you’re a writer you make writing friends.

And you know what? Some of them folks can write a bit, you betcha.

One of them is Brian Koukol. Brian’s writing is, in a word, brutal. It grabs you by the collar and lands the body blows, hitting like a truck. I have told him (although not to his face, since I live in CT and he lives in CA and there’s about 3000 miles between A and T), that I envy the way he puts words together.

Brian’s got an anthology out.

Handicapsules: Short Stories of Speculative Crip Lit by [Brian Koukol]
Right now it’s FREE!

Criplit is the name Brian uses to describe his genre. It focuses on great characters and great stories, of course. Every literary genre does THAT. But in crip lit one or more of the major characters has to deal with a major handicap of some kind. Without getting deep into it, this is a life Brian knows far to well.

I’ve read about half these already at various stages of completion, and they’re all good, savage looks at what it means to to have to live a world where no one wants to see you. They are savage and cruel, and terribly sarcastic. Brian’s a very intelligent man and he writes prose with the precision of a poet, and gets the same sort of emotional response. You might not like the worlds Brian paints, but you’ll respect the skill with which he paints them.

Handicapsules. Get it (from Amazon) while it’s free. I’ve got mine.

Support a writer: leave a review.

Dang, I love being able to promote my friends’ work. It means they’re still at it.

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