Anniversary Post

I started this blog three years ago. It’s my second attempt at blogging. The first lasted one post.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

The theme here is that I look at anime and manga to see what they can tell us about writing – good or bad – or animation – good or bad. I took that perspective because I’m a writer and a trained animator, and that means my opinions come from somewhere informed.

But annually on the anniversary I talk about whatever the heck I feel like talking about. Cuz, “My house, my roolz,” right? Why the heck not?

So, what do I want to talk about?




No, I’m pulling your leg.

As a writer, I have a life outside blogging. I belong to a local writing group, the Fairfield County Writers’ Group, and they are some of the best friends I have. Before the COVID crap hit we would get together twice a month, and we would … well, we would write, But we would socialize, too, and help each other out with plots, and sometimes one of us (usually me) would make a coffee run and treat everyone else.

It was nice.

One of my writing buddies is Elizabeth Chatsworth, an enormously pleasant woman who, among other things, is a voice actor and voice-over artist. She is from England and has a terrific accent, a terrific husband, and a terrific squared Yorkshire terrier named Boo.

And BOOM! Her novel dropped.

The Brass Queen by Elizabeth Chatsworth

We’ve been waiting FOREVER for this book. I remember asking her FOUR YEARS AGO, at a write-in in the Westport Public Library, if there was a Yorkshire Terrier in it, and she said, “Yes! And she talks!”

It’s Romance. It’s Steampunk. And since Elizabeth wrote it, it’s cheeky and witty and delightful. It picked up a bunch of awards before it even had a publisher, and is getting rave reviews. Go to Amazon, read the blurb, and if it sounds like your cup of tea, buy it.

Am I jealous? My friends, Elizabeth, R. J. Theodore, Roman Godzrich, they all have contracts. I got schnizz so far, although I think I have sold more short stories than all three of them combined.

Yeah, I’m jealous, but no, I’m not resentful. R.J.’s books are GOOD. Roman’s book is GOOD. I haven’t read The Brass Queen yet, but Elizabeth’s short story Ten Minutes to Tea Time, is a delight and I expect the same from Queen.

Dammit we can write! Gol durn it!

And so can I. Keep your eyes open for this baby, sometime, somewhere:

That’s a proof copy.

Like the caption says, that’s a proof copy, a copy I ordered from a print-on-demand site so I could read it as a hard copy instead of something on a computer screen. And heck, yeah, I revised as I read what I was reading. That’s how writing works: you spend a little time writing and a lot of time revising.

Ask R. J. Her book was EIGHT YEARS from first draft to publication.

So someday there will be an action-adventure alternative history story with a steampunk twist available out there somewhere. Where, I don’t know, although right now self-publication is topping the list. If you want to read it, drop me a line and I’ll send you an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy).

But let me tell you something: There is nothing so satisfying as holding a book in my hand … yeah, that’s my hand … and saying, “I wrote this.”

You, and the marketplace, may decide that The Brass Queen and An Airshipman of the Queen blow gigantic moose wang at fifty paces. So be it. But I wrote it. I finished it. I held it in my hand.

I’m pretty sure Elizabeth feels the same. Go to Amazon and check out her book. The Brass Queen. I’ve got my copy already and it’s on the stack. (I have to finish Oh Maidens in Their Savage Season 1 first. Sorry, Elizabeth.)

Arigatogozaimasu. See you for a few more months, at least. As for February 2, 2022, we’ll let 2022 take care of itself for now.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary Post

  1. “That’s how writing works: you spend a little time writing and a lot of time revising.”

    Don’t I know it! I write haiku (theoretically, my output is very low), and I can spend considerable time just swapping two words in and out and pondering how they changes things. Tiny changes can have huge impacts…

    Sadly, I read very little fiction anymore.

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    1. Yes, I invest so much time working on my writing that I can’t read as much any more. But you have my respect, sir. Poetry, and especially a highly stylized form like haiku, is beyond my skills for that exact reason…I beat my head on the wall looking for the exact right word. I would rather write 50,000 words than fifteen.

      Liked by 2 people

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