Story Drop!

It’s been a long time between story drops for this boy, and this will be the last for a while. Yeah, yeah, COVID blah blah. Those of you who are interested in my writing will learn I’ve been going insane converting all my classes to online formats, and that’s been consuming my time. But I did the NaNoWhiMo thang again this year and got my butt off the schneid!

So, introducing:

The new anthology

Through Other Eyes is thirty stories looking at the universe and humanity through the eyes of alien species. Mine is called, “Single Planet is a System of Eight,” and is about the happenings when a race of chromovores (light eaters) buys Earth as the Sun is in its dying days. Geri Meyers and Rowan Rooks edited it and it’s out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in hardcover and paperback. An ebook is coming soon!

I have a contributor’s copy. It’s pretty cool!

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