The Eternal Parallelogram: FLCL

So I subscribe to an anime goodie box services. Sometimes they send me real crap, as in someone there thought it would be cute to send The World’s Lamest Face Mask (TM) in the first COVID-era box.

Yeah, um, nope.

But they also send cool stuff. There was a cute little Gundam head I had fun putting together, and my very first box had Volume One of School-Live! manga, which I still read to this day.

This month I got a FLCL tee. See picture. No, that’s not a selfie. I took the tee off to photograph it.

Takkun may be only one thinking with his brain

From left, that’s Haruko, Naota, Mamimi, and Naota’s dad Kamon. They are all displayed on Canti the robot’s screen along with Takkun, the cat, but we don’t care about Canti and Takkun here.

Haruko, Naota, Mamimi, and Kamon. You’ve heard of love triangles, right? How about a love parallelogram?

Right? Because we know that Mamimi is hot for Naota. Well, she’s REALLY hot for her boyfriend, Naota’s brother Tasuku, but he’s playing baseball in America. And Naota, well, he’s a little creeped out, but you know, he’s also getting attention from an attractive (if kooky) older woman.

This is a little creepy. No, I lied. This is a lot creepy given that Mamimi is around 17 and Naota is 12. Yeah, um … But anyway, that’s one leg of our parallelogram, Mamimi/Naota.

Haruko shows up and changes the world.

Haruko’s age isn’t mentioned, and her motivation for developing relationships with, you know, human beings, since she’s, you know, an alien, seems a bit unusual. Kinky might be a better word. I mean, there’s a word (well, there are a lot of words, but most of them are really rude) for people who have sex outside their species.

Yeah, Haruko is a real Captain Kirk.

The first head to get turned is Naota’s, of course, since to get his attention she wallops him upside the head with a Rickenbacker bass. Mamimi is horrified. Nah, mortified is a better word. Her little Naota is running around after that pink-haired nose-picker! So you can imagine Mamimi’s opinion of Haruko.

Mamimi’s opinion on the matter

Conveniently for Naota’s 12-year-old libido, Haruko moves into his house. Inconveniently for Naota’s 12-year-old libido, she has sex with Kamon.

That’s what FLCL (Fooly-cooly) means, right? Sex.

Libido in overdrive, in a fit of jealousy Naota kills his father over a (sort of) woman old enough (at least judging by appearance, I mean, who knows with aliens) to be his mother.

Oedipus Complex anyone? Hello? Kills his father and marries his mother?

But killing off the competition means Naota’s dreams come true and he gets to plant his 12-year-old nose in Haruko’s bountiful bosom. (One presumes this is a far as it goes between them, since an alien and a 12-year-old getting it on would probably get the series censored back to the Stone Age.)

Alas, she rides off into the sunset, breaking Naota’s little heart. So he’s got no one (Mamimi heads off to the big city, Dad’s been resurrected but isn’t quite himself after being dead, Haruko’s gone, baby, gone), Mamimi’s got no one, Kamon got his ashes hauled but dying was probably too heavy a price to pay for that.

I call it a parallelogram rather than a square because it’s not quite balanced. Four characters implies six interrelationships, and you’ve got

  1. Mamimi and Naota (love/lust)
  2. Haruko and Naota (love/lust)
  3. Haruko and Komen (love/lust)
  4. Naota and Komen (hate/jealousy)
  5. Mamimi and Haruko (hate/jealousy)

Huh? One missing?

Right, Komen and Mamimi never get together, and that’s a wholesome thing from my standpoint since he’s an adult and she’s a high school girl, not to mention the girlfriend of one of his sons and the quasi-crush of another.

But for all the mess about Atomsk and that, FLCL is a love story, and to keep a love story going you got to have a whole lotta love. And to make it FLCL it can’t be normal love, so you got jail bait and Oedipus and alien sex all goin’ on in there. Yeah, that’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on.

I always look at comments and feedback, and I’m sure I’m not the first to see what I’ve seen, so have at it. Just keep it clean and keep it on target…no personal attacks, okay? Thanks.

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