Happy Birthday, Rei!

A Certain Retailer Who Shall Remain Nameless Unless They Want to Pay for Ad Space Here and A Certain Publisher Who Shall etc. have both posted that March 30 is the birth date of the one and only, the sweetheart of Seven Continents, Ms. Rei Ayanami. Happy birthday, Rei! The birthday girl her own self. […]

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Oops, It Happened Again

I suspect that people get sick of me bragging on myself, but I love getting nominated for these awards that come around over and over, like an uncommon cold or that old college pal that can never pay their rent. I love it because, as I think you know, too often blogging is like standing […]

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Medium Matters: Tanya the Evil

When I broke down the anime series (and follow-up OVA) The Saga of Tanya the Evil it bothered me that they constructed a great hero for a psychodrama and turned her loose in an action-adventure series. If you don’t know the story, “Tanya” is the mind and soul of a middle-aged salariman who has been […]

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