Redux. Sorry.

So tomorrow, that’s 30 Jan 2020, is the semi-annual Science Fiction and Fantasy pitch contest, a.k.a. #SFFPit. Basically, to play along, you have to have a finished, polished, unpublished science fiction or fantasy novel just sitting around, ready for some agent or publisher to come take a look at.

Can you believe it? I just so happen to have such a thing. It’s called The Curse of the Rhubidium Rhuby, and I tell everyone it’s Star Wars meets H.M.S. Pinafore. Want to read it? Drop me a line.

So as part of my prep I saw that some agents want to see writing samples, and they look for them on the sites in my Twitter profile. Hmm…want to guess what site is in my Twitter profile? Hint: You’re looking at it.

AGENTS, PUBLISHERS, and anyone else who’s interested: Here’s a writing sample. It’s my story “Godwin, or, The Modern Prometheus,” which appeared in Mad Scientist Journal. It answers the question “What if Frankenstein was the fictionalization of a true story?”

Sound like fun? It is. (Huffs on fingernails, polishes them on lapel. No modesty, none at all.) But if it sounds like as much fun to you as it does to me, please click through and read it. Mad Scientist Journal went under recently, but Dawn and Jeremy are good folks and maybe they can get a couple pennies from their advertisers. (Dawn is in Space Opera Libretti, too!)

I just checked the link to be sure it would click through and it did. Hey! Godwin got 66 likes! Cool!

My apologies to my regulars. I plugged this when it came out and again when it was posted for free reading, so this is the third time I’ve bothered you with it. I blame #SFFPit. “It wasn’t me, oh, no, child, it wasn’t me!*”

“Godwin, or, The Modern Prometheus.” Click here.

You haven’t read it? Well, now I don’t feel so bad.

Back on Sunday.


* C. Berry, Esq.


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