Another Story Drops

Oh, the life of a writer…You write and write and write, and then if you get something published the editor(s) want you to write ad copy, too…

Well, here you go. I’m guessing this will be my last story drop of the year. Now available at amazon!
Space Opera Libretti Cover
Can you read the back cover copy? “An endless song that becomes the soundtrack to generations of rebellions.” No one I know could write something like that, could they?
I wouldn’t call it comic, though…Musical, yes, but not comic. Um. Now I’m getting nervous.
Other writers you may know: HARRY FREAKIN’ TURTLEDOVE! And Dawn Vogel was one of the editors of Mad Scientist Journal, back when there was a Mad Scientist Journal to edit. And me and Cait Gordon are Twitter buddies now.

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