Another Story Drop!

‘Tis the season to get your loved ones new presents, or yourself for that matter. And books are the best kind of present: relatively inexpensive, mind-expanding, and even (*gasp*) entertaining.

So, the Martinus Publishing anthology Forbidden: Tales of Repression, Restriction, and Rebellion is out NOW, like, today! And it includes my story “Border Skirmish.”



About Forbidden:

“Throughout recorded history, there have been rules and regulations, customs and traditions. Some have been libertine while others oppressive; the morally strict and the sinfully decadent. There have always been those who impose the law, and those who reject it. Wherever there is civilization, there are things that are Forbidden!”

I’m not going to tell you a lot about my story except that it includes alien invaders, Von Neumann machines, and a smart-ass AI who talks like John Wayne.

Thanks for putting up with my constant self-promotion. I’ll have something about anime at the usual Monday morning time.


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