Another Story Drops!

I know that people who come to this site to read about anime and characters and plots and manga and stuff like that probably roll their eyes and say “Pffftttt” when I post one of these story drops.

But the fact is that I write about anime and manga from the perspective as a writer and animator because I am an writer and ex-animator. That’s the brains behind my brawn here.

Was that metaphor too big a stretch? Okay, sorry.

So, like, if I’m a writer I should write stuff, right? And if I’m any good as a writer, people should publish my stuff, right? And if they publish my stuff, I should at least have the courtesy to promote the publication, right?

So my story “The Ghost of Laika” dropped in Red Planet magazine today, right?


If that works, you can click on that and order a copy.

This is a load off my mind. “The Ghost of Laika” was rejected SIXTEEN times, and I knew it was a good story

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