Another Story Drops

Oh, the life of a writer…You write and write and write, and then if you get something published the editor(s) want you to write ad copy, too… Well, here you go. I’m guessing this will be my last story drop of the year. Now available at amazon!   Can you read the back cover copy? […]

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The Outsider: Elias Ainsworth

The Outsider is a character who comes from another world in some way; a different country, a different social class, a different planet, a different species, even a different gender. (Your Name, anyone? Although Inside Mari is a better example.) The Outsider is a useful narrative tool because people have to explain things to them. […]

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Another Story Drop!

‘Tis the season to get your loved ones new presents, or yourself for that matter. And books are the best kind of present: relatively inexpensive, mind-expanding, and even (*gasp*) entertaining. So, the Martinus Publishing anthology Forbidden: Tales of Repression, Restriction, and Rebellion is out NOW, like, today! And it includes my story “Border Skirmish.”   […]

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Buddy’s Book on Sale

As a writer I keep telling you about stories I have written when they drop. (There’s another one coming up soon!) But every once in a while I have to plug a buddy, too, because after all, we’re all in this together. My buddy Lexy Wolfe (If you know what the word “Ticanee” means you’ll […]

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Another Story Drops!

I know that people who come to this site to read about anime and characters and plots and manga and stuff like that probably roll their eyes and say “Pffftttt” when I post one of these story drops. But the fact is that I write about anime and manga from the perspective as a writer […]

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