Double Update

Update ichi:

It’s still National Novel Writing month, where writers pledge to write 50,000 words of original fiction in the thirty days of November. Well, as of the end of day on the 7th, I was at 17,895. That’s a good start given it was also midterms.



My blurb: Captain Jorge Santa Anna de Lopez y Perez de Lebron is on the interstellar hunt for the alien McGuffin. If that sounds vaguely interesting, let me know and you can read the second draft. That’ll be a while; I have other projects that have priority starting December 1.

Update ni:

WordPress tells me my blog reached 1000 post likes this week.

Thank you! Everyone likes to be liked.

I have only the basic account, so I can’t tease out who was liking, but there are a number of you who have not only liked but engaged in discussion as well. Thanks to all of you, those who comment, those who like, those who just read. Knowing you are out there makes it easier to keep going.

I hope you have the same feeling about your blog.



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