The Power of Three: Kill la Kill

It’s easy to write about Kill la Kill. It’s really cool so you WANT to write about it, and it’s easy to write about because there’s A LOT to unpack in there. Whoever cooked up Neon Genesis Evangelion cooked up something philosophically deep; whoever cooked up Revolutionary Girl Utena cooked up something structurally deep. Whoever […]

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Double Update

Update ichi: It’s still National Novel Writing month, where writers pledge to write 50,000 words of original fiction in the thirty days of November. Well, as of the end of day on the 7th, I was at 17,895. That’s a good start given it was also midterms. NaNoWriMoLoGo My blurb: Captain Jorge Santa Anna de […]

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The Odd Couple: Carole and Tuesday

When I look at couples I tend to classify them as complementary or parallel. A parallel couple is one whose strengths and weaknesses are similar. As a narrative device device, a parallel couple is usually composed of rivals. Because their strengths and weaknesses are similar, they are evenly matched as opponents, meaning conflict between them […]

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