It’s That Time Again

Why, yes, it’s less than half an hour to midnight, November 1, the start of National Novel Writing Month. It’s the NaNoLoGo If you haven’t heard, participants pledge to write 50,000 words of an original novel during the month of November. Now, 50,000 words isn’t quite really a novel (unless it’s a cheesy light novel […]

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Character Analysis: Rock

Black Lagoon is one of my first and one of my favorite series, and also the subject of the first substantive post for this blog, about Stealth Storytelling. You see, the deal is this: Black Lagoon constantly dangles Rebecca “Revy” Lee in front of you. She’s violent, sexy, profane, and sometimes profound, a whirlwind of […]

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Conflict and You! A Primer

We keep talking about how conflict is what makes a story interesting. That’s not completely true, I think. If you have a character people genuinely like (or dislike, for that matter) people will watch that character in action. But oftentimes as we watch the character, it’s because the character is DOING SOMETHING, usually something that […]

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