Well, This Was Unexpected!

So it happened again…I was nominated for another blog award! Many thanks to Allison at Bloom Reviews for the shout-out. It’s very thoughtful of you.

And without further ado:

Sunshine Blogger Award

Now, I have no idea what the greater significance of this is. I mean, this blog tends to be very academic and analytic. Sunshine is not a substance (to the extent that sunshine IS a substance (yes, I’m getting a little meta here…(Um, that requires supervision from Meteora…


The most meta character EVAH!

))) that I associate with this blog.)

Yup, the parentheses are nested properly. If they aren’t, you will receive the error code UNBALANCED PARENTHESIS AROUND LINE 8.

But it is nice to be recognized. The readership of this blog continues to expand, the weekly theme posts keep coming (and I have a dozen more already written), and every so often I pop in an aside around Thursday or so. I keep going and people keep looking, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The award comes with conditions, of course. Here they are.

The Rules

1) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog so others can visit them.

Allison at Bloom Reviews. It was so nice of her I want her to get shouted out twice!

2) Answer eleven questions asked by the nominator.

See below

3) Nominate eight (or is it eleven???) bloggers of your choosing and ask them eleven questions of your own.

A Japanese Garden of Words, Crow’s World of Anime, Anna Mansager, 100 Word Anime (Karandi and Irina are both fab!), Tiny Ugly Animal (Lina is a sweetheart!), Anime Rants, OOCentral

4) Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.

I’ll get to that when I get to that 🙂

5) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post or on your blog site.

Done and done!

Okay, here are the questions I was asked:

What was the scariest movie or show you’ve ever watched?

Probably an episode of Doctor Who. The one where #10 is in the subway car while Donna is sunning herself was pretty creepy. So was Paradise Towers (#7). But as a rule I stay away from the scary things. They don’t do much for me.

Are there certain genres of TV shows or books that you stay away from or hate reading? Why?

Horror, especially bloody horror. I am not fond of the sight of blood and I don’t inflict it on myself if I can avoid it. It’s increasing impossible to watch news on TV these days, but that doesn’t matter since I know how to read and read several news sources.

Who was your first celebrity/character crush and why?

Mackenzie Phillips. There’s the one scene in American Graffiti where she’s running around in a white tee shirt doing something to someone’s car, and she’s just so darned cute… (*sigh*) That was before she told everyone the Mick Jagger story.

What was one show your parents hated you watching but you watched anyways?

Did not exist. Their TV, their rules. I did try to watch Star Trek, which neither of them was fond of, but when it moved to 10 pm for the last season, it was past my bedtime.

I’ve recently gotten addicted to podcasts, do you have any recommendations for podcasts or other talk shows you enjoy listening to?

I do not listen to podcasts. I’m not interested in people babbling at me. If it’s important, write it down and I’ll read it. Same for vlogs.

I’m currently relaxing on vacation right now. What’s your favorite summertime or beach read?

I don’t read at the beach and rarely go. Cancer gallops through my family tree and the beach is like skin cancer central! I like lighter stuff for the summer. One summer I started reading all of Dick Francis’ mysteries in publication order. Now I’m more likely to pick up a light novel. I’ve got all the Haruhi Suzumiya books, and now I’m starting in on Tanya the Evil.

Is it my imagination or has the line spacing gone catty-wampus?

It’s starting to get towards the end of summer. What’s one aspect of this season that you look forward to the most? Vacation? A certain event? Warmth?

Because of the nature of my job my time is much more flexible in the summer, so it’s much easier to carve out large chunks of time for long walks, long writing sessions, and long weekends at a con.

Conversely, Fall is pretty much upon us. What’s one thing about the season you’re really looking forward to?

Cooler weather and football, both American and the rest of the world. Also, Carole and Tuesday is dropping on Netflix this week. SQUEEEEEE! Er, I mean, I am looking forward to that.

Tell me about the style of your blog and why you picked the color, banner, and subject matter that you did.

I just wanted something basic I wouldn’t have to pay for, and I picked the image of Konata Izumi for a couple reasons: I like Lucky Star, I like Konata, I like characters that are meta like Konata, and I like her voice actor in dub, Wendee Lee.

As for the subject, I was looking for something that I would have something useful to talk about. I’m interested in manga and anime, and I wasn’t interested in doing reviews per se, so I said, “You know, I’m a writer and I know about writing and character and story structure; I’m an animator and I know the history of the field and what makes them pretty pictures move. Those things seemed to me to be a place where I could say something useful.

What about blogging drew you to make your own blog?

Writers are supposed to do this, doncha know? We’re supposed to synergize our media presences. But now that I’ve been doing it a while it’s fun to be a member of a broader community.

Is there anything about content creators in particular or contention creation in general that you find annoying or frustrating?

People who think they have something to say and then do it in audio or video. It usually comes out as an incoherent babble because it’s rarely evaluated and edited. If you have something to say that’s important, write it down, edit it, refine it, make it read and flow. “If you want to write. If you want to be read, rewrite.” That last step is missing from most vlogs and podcasts.

And now, I get to make up eleven questions, mua ha ha ha ha.


8 thoughts on “Well, This Was Unexpected!

  1. I too had a huge crush on Mackenzie Phillips, but eventually settled on Valerie Bertinelli…. Always had a thing for brunettes, but I married a blonde.

    “I do not listen to podcasts. I’m not interested in people babbling at me. If it’s important, write it down and I’ll read it. Same for vlogs.”

    A-bloody-men. I don’t have a commute and can’t exercise really… so podcasts bore me to tears because I can think far faster than they can speak. Vlogs are worse, and so many are actually extraordinarily crappy text-to-speech converters in disguise. (That is, they might as well be audio only because they have no actual video content.)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “Yup, the parentheses are nested properly. If they aren’t, you will receive the error code UNBALANCED PARENTHESIS AROUND LINE 8.”

    As a recovering Java developer, I have to ask, are you sure?

    I tried reducing your parenthesis, and I came up with:


    I really think you have an extra trailing parenthesis!

    But if Meteora says it’s okay…

    Thanks much for the nomination! It’s going to take me a bit of time to come up with answers to your questions, though! Some thought-provoking stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey, sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I’ve already done the sunshine blog award once, and I feel kind of weird about doing a post on it a second time, so I figured I would just answer your questions here.

    1. Hmm. I mean I’m “interested” in practically everything you could list, since I just absolutely love random knowledge and exploring new topics. But I’m not “interested” enough to overcome my lack of motivation and social anxiety, which prevents me from ever going to conventions anymore. I think cosplayers are amazingly gifted people.

    2. Probably some kind of chocolate or candy bar. I don’t remember well.

    3. Hypothetically, I love spiders. They look cool when you examine them closely, and they’re useful critters that eat annoying bugs I don’t like at all. But in actuality, if I suddenly see a medium to large sized spider, it will trigger my startle reflex, even if I’m not consciously “scared.” I startle easily. Though I prefer to leave them alone or take them outside, there are times I don’t want to deal with the thought of a spider living in my apartment, and I impulsively kill it. And then feel bad. xp

    4. I might watch more movies. Mostly, though, I expect I’d just switch to books, novels, and manga.

    5. Casshern Sins. Nobody knows what the hell it is. I love it.

    6. The psychological elements and existentialism. Also, there’s one character I empathize with on a very deep level, though she only appears in one episode.

    7. I don’t want to give away what State I’m in because it’s more fun to keep people wondering. But there is a certain small city in the mountains that is home to a large university, and that place is my second home. The mountain hikes, the neighborhoods, and the university itself.

    8. I’m really not sure because I don’t eat a lot of variety in foods. I guess Asian food because I love sushi…?

    9. Wow, the book that made me *think* the most. That’s a hard one. It would quite possibly be the Christian Holy Bible, because I spent a long time poring over it when I was a universalist Christian, and looking at its logical and moral problems when I became an athiest. Even to this day I think the Bible is a classic work of literature, with some very emotional stories, poems, prayers, and mythology.

    10. I’ve never had the motivation or confidence in myself to try publishing any of them, but I’ve written a number of stories of modern novel length or longer. Even more than that I have dozens of short, unfinished stories.

    11. I usually like it when an anime has “meta” characters or elements because it’s funny. Of course, like any kind of humor, it can be badly done and fail to amuse. There are a few works– in particular the Umineko Naku Koro ni manga— that are waayyy to meta, and cause confusion. I don’t mind it as long as I’m alert and focused enough to keep things straight.

    There you go. 🙂


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