Irrelevant Post: More Writing Stuff

Camp NaNoWriMo ended with 73,418 new words on book four of the Sands trilogy – yeah, book three got a little out of control – in the can. It looks like the whole thing will come in around 77,000 words, and will be done sometime Friday. The denouement is done (alliteration intended) and now I have to fulfill the final task of the end of a standard narrative: tie up the loose ends.

There you go. I bitch about it when Cowboy Bebop doesn’t wrap up completely; that sort of puts it on my ass to get the job done in my own work. So Xantan will march again, Hanno will get good and drunk, and Tanada will go back to herding sheep. Plus a few more twists.

As for when you can see the four-book Sands trilogy, the answer is “Duhhh, I don’t know.” To prep I reread the first three volumes. This puppy is going to take a lot of editing, and I have other projects to work on. Keep an eye open for a book currently called …And They Lived Happily Ever After, a contemporary fantasy. And if anyone wants to take a look at The Curse of the Rhubidium Rhuby, which is billed as Star Wars meets HMS Pinafore, let me know.

I also got interviewed along with the other authors whose work showed up in Imagining Monsters, the anthology supporting the writing program over at Westport Public Library. The interviewer (and anthology editor) Alison McBain, wanted a selfie of each author with the book. What do you think?

Dave and Monsters

The Overage Otaku with Imagining Monsters. Those aren’t shades; they are the 3-D spex I got when I went to see Alita Battle Angel.

Note the books: Top shelf left: Harry Turtledove. Middle shelf left: To Be Read. Man, I want to get to Zenna Henderson soon. Bottom shelf left: Those are my books. Me. I wrote them. There are some duplicates. The Sands trilogy is not among them yet. Shelves right: Terry Pratchett, of course.

Anyway if you want to read the interview, it’s here.

Oh, and the hat is called a boonie hat. They were big when I was a kid. The boys over in Vietnam used to wear them.

I’ll post something relevant on Monday. I think I have a few choice comments on Outlaw Star. Look forward to it!

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