Partly Relevant Post: Two Big Moments

Moment number one:

Last weekend I got to attend ConnectiCon, the sci-fi/anime/pop culture convention in Hartford (Google it), and it was the usual blast. I got to do my favorite cosplay on Saturday, and keeping with pretending I’m a writer I got to put on a workshop on “Let’s Write a (Short) Story,” on Friday.

Sunday I went shopping. Want to see what I scored?

Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya

Booyah! Hard cover, for $17 (they knocked off a buck because I paid cash). If you look on Amazon Surprise is out of print and copies are selling for around $50.

So I was thrilled by that. I like actual, physical books, although for Haruhi I’ll read ebooks if I have to.

Moment number two:

Monday morning I was notified that this blog had arrived at the magic number of 100 followers. Yay!

I know a hundred is not a lot of followers by the standards of blogdom, but still, it’s a nice round number, and it has more than two digits. (It is also higher than I can count in Japanese. đŸ™‚ )

So thanks, all of you who have followed this blog. I hope you’re getting something out of. I certainly enjoy writing it.

Okay, back to my Camp NaNoWriMo novel. 38501 words and counting.

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