Another Writing Drop (!)(!!)

This blog and my writing career have a long-term love/hate relationship. On Mondays (usually just after midnight Eastern Standard Time, because I hate to wait), I drop a main post on the blog’s theme, which is me talking about anime and manga from my twin perspectives as a writer and a trained animator.

But at the same time I am a writer, and to survive as a writer I have to sell writing. And I think you guys can see (from the lack of ads) that I haven’t monetized this blog.


Come to think of it, my cumulative blog posts have reached the length of a full-sized book. A regular book, I should say; Sorcerer’s Stone rather than Deathly Hallows 🙂 Hmm.

So today’s post was supposed to be a theme post. But TOO DAMNED MUCH STUFF happened today that I need to get out there.

Like Tun Ta Ta Tun Ta Dah! ANOTHER STORY DROP!

Cover art for Mad Scientist Journal - Summer 2019.

The summer issue of Mad Scientist Journal includes my story “Godwin, or, The Modern Prometheus.” “What if,” says I, “the book Frankenstein was a thinly veiled true story?”

Seriously. That should be a link. Check it out. This is the next-to-last Mad Scientist Journal, and if you like this, you can get into their anthologies and back numbers. Nice people, too.

And I got interviewed by Stacey MacIntosh at The Horror Tree. I’m not a horror maniac, but she was looking for fantasy and sci-fi writers. Plus I did get to name drop two anime series, Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne and Mardock Scramble.

Just follow the link:

The Horror Tree Presents… An Interview with Dave D’Alessio

Plus I was part of a promotional event for Imagining Monsters, which includes my story “You Get What You Pay For.”


Imagining Monsters is a fundraiser for the Westport (CT) Public Library, and specifically the Westport Writes program there, so it’s a good cause. I’ve gone to a bunch of Westport Writes events (although I don’t live in Westport) so I had no problem finding them something for the book.

Now, if that subtitle, “A collection of short stories inspired by Frankenstein” sounds vaguely familiar, it should. After all, the full title of the story we call Frankenstein was “Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus.” Yeah. Oh. Therein lies a tale:

Back in 2017 the guys at Westport Writes held an event where they opened up the library one Friday night for a write-in for the stories that would eventually become Imagining Monsters. That where where I wrote the first draft of “Godwin.” (It’s a damned good story. You should read it. If MSJ makes it available free, I’ll post the link here.)

Then the original editors sat on it. And sat on it. And sat on it. And I was sitting here with this story I knew was damned good AND THEY WEREN’T PAYING ANYWAY. So after a year – A YEAR I WAITED – I sent it to MSJ. They bought it INSTANTLY and PAID ME. (Points at palm of right hand. “Put the money RIGHT THERE.”)

In the fullness of time (oh, how I love that phrase) Imagining Monsters got a new editor and I had to pull Godwin (MSJ has one year exclusive rights). The new editor, the formidable Alison McBain, says, “Okay, give us what you’ve got.” So I did a rewrite of an old Godzilla-based story, “You Get What You Pay For,” and there it is, and I was out promoting it today. I even signed a few copies!

So thanks for reading, and back to the regularly-scheduled programming next week.

Oh, and maybe a review of the new Harry Potter game on Thursday.


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