Unrelated Post: Story Drops!

Once again, while my day job is professor, my fun/entertainment/future career is as a writer of science fiction and fantasy (and any other genre I can think of a story in and sell it). That’s why I spend so much time in this blog talking about writing, doncha know?

Welp, had another story drop:



Here’s some inside stuff: My story, “You Get What You Pay For,” is a Godzilla story where I avoid using the word “Godzilla.” It’s also suffused with heavy-handed irony.

Inside the inside stuff: Payment equaled zero. Reminder, the story is called “You Get What You Pay For.” So I got some meta in with my irony.

Even deeper inside: The story I originally wrote for this, actually inspired by Frankenstein, is called “Godwin, or, The Modern Prometheus.” After the original editor on the project dropped out (and many thanks to Alison McBain for picking it up), I Sold Godwin for Actual Money to another market, and it will be dropping later this summer.

Not deep at all: Westport Writes is hosted by the Westport Public Library and is a series of lectures and workshops for writers. It was great. I hope they pick it up again.

If you buy a copy and send it to me, I’ll sign it and get as many of the other authors to sign it, too, and pay the return postage, too šŸ™‚ It’s for the program, after all. Although I’d rather get paid. ‘Cuz, you know, I’m a writer and I have to eat.

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