Related Post: Summer Reading

Okay, so for “reasons” I try to limit manga and anime purchases to once a month and about $50 each. I mean, I still need to retire some day and the resale value of this stuff is pretty low.

For MORE reasons my April buy didn’t get delivered for two months, so now I have April’s AND June’s all stacked up and ready to go. (In May I knew I was going on a long train trip, so I picked up three Haruhi Suzumiya light novels.) Here they are, stacked up on the To Be Read shelf:

Manga Shelfie

That’ll hold me for a while. After all, I have to write, too!

Okay, let me see: Mononoke Sharing and Ojojojo are by Coolkyoushinjya, the guy who writes Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, so worth a taste, right?

Marduck Scramble is drawn by the woman who did A Silent Voice, and since the whole set was on sale, I got the set. Plus I have the anime (a set of three feature-length films). Marduck Scramble: murdered prostitute turns crime fighter. Not my usual cup of tea, but I liked the first movie, and liked A Silent Voice, so worth a try.

I got Fujoshi Rumi #1 in one of those “Twenty Manga for $20” boxes and thought it was kind of cute, so I picked up the last two. Actually, there are seven volumes in the series, but only the first three got translated, and my Japanese isn’t up to anything more complex than “See Spot Run.” (Actually, I couldn’t read “See Spot Run” either, since I don’t know “see” or “run” yet.) It’s about Rumi, who is a “bad girl” (fujoshi) who likes yoei (and likes it DIRTY), and Abe, the guy who likes her despite the fact that she’s oblivious.

Ditto Short Sunzen: Got #1 in a box and ordered the second and last volume. Also an unlikely romance, this one between Tough Chick Who Cleans Up Good (Satsuki) and Boy Who Secretly Loves Her (Sendo). The relationship between them is really clever since it’s metastable, but I’ll tell you more about that later, like it’s a planned-for-Sunday post.

Let’s see: School-Live! #10 kicks off the final story arc for the schoolgirls (Yuri, Yuki, Kurumi, and Miki) in their post-apocalyptic world. They “finished” high school (when the school burned down); they “finished” university (by fighting off the warring gang); now they’re off to find the evil Randall Corporation that created the zombie plague. Two more volumes and this story is done!

I got I Married My Best Friend to Shut My Parents Up because it sounded kind of cool. Yes, both friends are female. Strong hints of hot girl-on-girl action, implying that a guy who likes it is some sort of male fujoshi. (There’s a term for guys who like yaoi, but I can’t find one for guys who like yuri. Maybe the term is “hentai.”)

Battle Angel Alita is one of those strangely constructed narratives. The original manga, now out in five omnibus volumes, is actually the center section of her story. Her backstory is coming out in BAA: Mars Chronicles, which I haven’t started yet, but the conclusion of her story is in BAA: Last Order. Typical of the dumbass way these things are done, volumes 1-15 are accumulated in five omnibus volumes (I’ve already read 1-4), but the last three haven’t been grouped yet, so there it is: Omnibus 5, volumes 16 and 17…I thought I ordered the 18th (and last) too, but I seem to have screwed that up. Easily solved: Amazon is only a click away.

Yurei Attack! isn’t a manga per se: It’s a book about Japanese ghost stories. I’m going to steal some of them for my fiction writing, after filing off the serial numbers of course. It’s not stealing if no one knows where you got it from!

That stack of books (I still have two of the Suzumiya light novels to work on, too) will hold me until August, when I can pick up a stack of Miss Kobayashi‘s (Kobayashi 8, Kanna 4&5, Elma 1. So if there’s something you think I should try in July, just let me know.

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