Stop Me If You’ve Heard This

Gizmodo is reporting John Cho has been cast as Spike Spiegel in the live action Cowboy Bebop.

I personally like it. Cho is an excellent actor in both serious and comic roles, and I think he’ll be able to capture Spike’s complexity and energy.

Read the piece: Jet and Faye have also been cast. One wonders which Hollywood Big Name will take on Ein. (Okay, I’ll get my tongue out of my cheek now.)

Personally, I’m not getting Netflix just to watch this…TRUTH! I’m getting Netflix so I can watch Shinichiro Watanabe’s NEW series, Carole & Tuesday. But if I’m still subscribing when Bebop shows up, well, Three…Two….One…Let’s go!

Now for a purdy picture:

Bebop Lineup

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