Relevant Aside: Progress on Evangelion

The latest progress report on the final film of the Neon Genesis Evangelion rebuild came out a day or two ago: Here’s what Anime News Network had to say:

The way I was taught, this is a stage you can look at as being almost the beginning of the end. Once you have all your writing and casting done, once the character designs are set and the storyboards laid out and everybody important is on board, then you record the dialog.

This starts before the actual animation because lip movements will need to be synchronized to the sound. Dialog can be post-dubbed, but if the lip flap is wrong, it will stay wrong that way. In an anime that might work, but for a feature film…reminder: at times Shinji’s mouth will be three feet high…the synchronization has to be pretty good.

Once the voice work is done, the character animation can start. (Animation that doesn’t involve characters has already started, if the clips are to be believed.)

To me this is evidence that IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. It means everyone’s happy with the script. It means they are ready to shoot! And man, do I want to see that movie!

And now, for some gratuitous Rei Ayanami.

Rei blink


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