Hidden Plot: Cowboy Bebop

It’s been a while since I talked about meta-plot, the overall structure of a series. Partly that’s because it seems like that talking meta-plot be a case of flagellating the deceased equine; partly because it sometimes seems like meta-plot is just too simple. I mean, after all, there are supposedly only seven basic (meta-)plots: Rags […]

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Character Analysis: Alita

There are three characters that seem to me to be related to one another because they are all explorations of what it means to be human. The three are Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mokoto Kusunagi from Ghost in the Shell, and Alita, the namesake of Battle Angel Alita. Rei is interesting because she […]

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Semi-Related Post: Story Drops

Twenty-four hours before my usual post time, but there’s news. Yes, I blog about anime, but I do so as a trained animator and a published writing. And guess what? Another of my stories dropped today, in Heroic Fiction Quarterly. It’s called The Merit of One Gold Piece, and if you click that title you […]

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