A Plug

I try not to spam you guys too much, but I am a living writer and like most, if not all, living writers I like to eat.

Right now I’ve got a book out.


Do you like that cover? It reminded me of Tolkein’s illustrations for The Hobbit.

Okay, let me make this clear: It’s allegorical fantasy, and totally unlike anything else I write. That’s why I put it out as itself, separate from everything else I have out there.

What’s it about, you ask? It answers the existential question “Just how far can a staff, a fancy diaper, and a crock of the World’s Finest Yak Butter carry you?”

“If you’re an ex-monk named Tamosan Acorn, they can take you all the way around the world if they have to. He might have grown up in the monastery at the top of the Mountain of Enlightenment, but now he’s been pushed out of the nest to crash or fly. Tamosan’s place under the sun is out there somewhere, if only he can find it – and if he knows what it is when he gets there…”

The e-book is at Amazon, and if you’d rather have a print edition, you can get it at Lulu.com. Or you can try clicking the cover, above. Maybe it works, maybe WordPress would rather a guy with a free account wouldn’t do that.

We will return to your regularly schedule programming on Sunday.

Okay…deep breath and click “Publish…”

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