Whoops, I Did It Again

Yes, I ordered another $20 manga blind box from a company that shall remain nameless until they fork over some fees for product placement.

This is the second time I did that. I was happy with the first, so, this time WHEN IT WAS ON SALE (mua ha ha ha ha) I went for it again.

Here’s my haul, minus one:

The one not in the picturewas an issue of Star Trek manga I already owned that’s not shown. I am not faulting company that will remain nameless for that; they make no guarantees on blind boxes and I had no expectation they would check my previous orders.

As I was last time, I was excited to see most of them were volume ones. You can see it right there. They aren’t trying to flog me off with any volume 14s of a manga that everyone says sucked after issue six.

One of them is in a cellophane wrapper. I know what that means 🙂 I don’t have a problem with that. The company in question has my birth date and knows it is not a crime for me to have a manga that comes in a cellophane wrapper.

The American franchises – Warcraft, Jim Henson – I am familiar with. Could be cool.

And that little one! What’s with that?

But you know what excites me? Burst Angel is on my list of “Want to See” anime. And they sent me Burst Angel #1! That will be interesting!

Anyone recognize any of the others? Good? Bad? If you’ve got info, let me have it! I’m off for thewee, and when I’m not writing for NaNoWriMo I’ll have plenty of time to read.

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