A Plug

I try not to spam you guys too much, but I am a living writer and like most, if not all, living writers I like to eat. Right now I’ve got a book out. Do you like that cover? It reminded me of Tolkein’s illustrations for The Hobbit. Okay, let me make this clear: It’s […]

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Whoops, I Did It Again

Yes, I ordered another $20 manga blind box from a company that shall remain nameless until they fork over some fees for product placement. This is the second time I did that. I was happy with the first, so, this time WHEN IT WAS ON SALE (mua ha ha ha ha) I went for it […]

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One Stage, Three Plays: The FLCLs

Okay, so after a decade and a half, give or take (mostly give) someone decided that FLCL needed sequels. No, I don’t know why. FLCL is unique, a tornado of hectic action driven by a pink-haired who-gives-a-shit named Haruko Haruhara. It mixed different animation styles, sci-fi wierdness, hard rock music and non-stop motion together willy-nilly […]

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