…And Sometimes You Get the Bear

After losing a laptop (and all the future entries for this blog…isn’t that a mercy for all of you?) on Saturday, I got some pretty good news today.

As I’ve mentioned, I try to talk about anime and manga from my perspectives as a writer and a trained animator. I may have some interesting stuff for you from the latter viewpoint in the near future, since I’m currently watching Shirobako, which about an anime production company.

But this is about being a writer. I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, and have had over twenty stories published. (I’m not sure how many more than twenty right now. I lost the list along with my laptop.)


The Overage Otaku in edit mode. (Photo processing by Ann Laczko at Studio Outlook.)

I was notified today that one of my stories, “The Twenty-Year Reich,” appearing in the anthology Altered Europa, is a finalist for the Sidewise Award for short fiction.

Ahem. WOO HOO! Hubba hubba hubba! Yee-HAW! (Imagine an Overage Otaku punching the air.)

Excited? What? Me? No, never.

For the record, the Sidewise Award is for stories and novels of alternative history. Anime and manga fans are probably familiar with alternative histories. Arguably Akira is one. A lot of Samurai Champloo, too, or do you really think they sang hip-hop in the Meiji Era?

There’s more information about the Sidewise Award at ucronia. As for the story, well, Altered Europa is available at Amazon.com in print or e-book. It has another Sidewise nominated story in it, “N’oublons Jamais” by Tom Anderson and Bruno Lombardi.(Bruno’s GOOOOD! You’ll like his stuff.)

And YES! If you buy it I get paid!! 🙂

Okay, I am now turning off the gloating. Back to the otakuness of it all on Monday. Promise!

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