Relevant Post: March Loot Crate

Irina from (you may recall her from “I Drink and Watch Anime”) reviewed the February anime Loot Crate, and mentioned at the time she wasn’t getting the March crate. Silly me, I said, “I’m getting that…Should I do it?”

Don’t you hate it when you ask a question you should already know the answer to? She said “Yes,” of course 🙂

This was an adventure, to say the least. First the package was delayed as they awaited a special item to be delivered. Then my box disappeared from my mail box (I have packages delivered to work, since I’m not home to sign for them).

(Shut up and talk about the loot!)

Roger. Wilco. Umm…what should I do first?


There’s a Psycho-Pass black tee shirt (this one is size men’s large). I’m not fond of Psycho-Pass…I saw two episodes and then asked around to find out whether Kogami ever figures out what planet she’s living on. I was told, “Nope.” I said, “Not interested in characters dumb as ditch water.” But the tee is slick.

As long as we’re in clothing:


Nice Robotech themed beanie cap. Very suitable for winter wear…Um, did someone mention that yesterday was the first day of Spring? But it’s a nice cap, and the skull-and-crossbones theme wears well on many occasions.

My fave in almost every crate is the manga:


This is not a title I am familiar with, but the art looks strong and as a science fiction person I’m always interested in themes like cyberpunk, so I’ll give this a read. (It’s good and thick, too, so it seems like hours of enjoyment.)

There’s a cool badge…No, the quarter didn’t come with it.


Infinite Dendrogram sounds familiar to me but I can’t place it. Anyone know of it?

The last two items are from an old but a goodie. First, the poster:


Yes. it’s Astroboy! Now, I admit I did not watch Astroboy when it first hit US shores (and only a few episodes of Speed Racer), but still. Yes, it looks like crap by modern standards, but Astroboy was one of the first to put anime (in those days we called it “Japanimation”) into US markets.

A lot of Loot Crate posters are strictly for fans of one specific show, most of which I’ve never hear of, but that is not the case here and I like this one. The art is clean and dynamic, and it reads well as an image. Good poster.

But if you thought THAT was slick, look at this:


YES! Not only is it an Astroboy figurine but IT LIGHTS UP! (No, I’m not taking it out of the box. I know how collectors are about their boxes.) But it’s a good size, about seven inches tall, and IT LIGHTS UP!

I don’t know what you guys do with your loot. I tend to give mine away to my students, at least the stuff I don’t want. So that’s why he stays in the box.

On the whole, I had fun opening this up. I’ll probably give away the shirt and the badge, throw out the poster sometime around 2020, read the manga and add it to my library; I might even wear the cap, although I suspect one of my students will want it more than I do.

The figurine, though, I don’t know. Astroboy is cool, and I mentioned that IT LIGHTS UP!, right? I’ll have to think about that one.

Have fun!

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