Bonus Post

Another ground rule, in re spoilers:

The nature of structural analyses of the sort I can do is that sometimes you have to give a away key plot points or tell the end of the story.

Like the last post. About Rock? Or were you too busy watching Revi 😉

I know that people hate spoilers. No one wants to know how the story ends before they get a chance to see it for themselves. This is completely understandable! Remember, I come from the generation that use to tape things (On VCR!) to timeshift them.

At the same time we have to be able to talk about stuff.

So here’s the rule: If it’s more than a year old, I feel free to reveal anything. I’ll keep spoilers to myself for a minimum of a year from release.

That’s not the biggest deal in the universe, I suspect. Coming to anime late in life as I am, there’s LOTS of older stuff to catch up on.

But there’s new stuff, too. Animes I have on my list include The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Citrus; will there be new seasons of School-Live! and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid? I’m watching Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World right now. Well, obviously not right now, but I’ll take in another episode after I hit POST on this. I may talk about these…Both School-Live! and Miss K are on my list of topics, but here’s my solemn commitment to you, gentle reader:

If it’s been out for less than a year, I won’t give away the end.

I promise.

See you Monday.

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