The Seven Levels of Meta

“Meta,” or self-reference, is one of those things that fascinates me and has since I learned about recursion in computer programming. A subroutine that calls itself! Ye gods! What a concept! Now, meta is one of those things that appeals to people whose minds are spectacularly twisted, like mine. My buddy Derekl is also one […]

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Character Analysis: Lisa Mishima

I’ve generally liked the way Shinichiro Watanabe handles female characters. He seems to find a way to avoid simple tropes. Cowboy Bebop: Faye Valentine is seriously hot but she is strong and avoids the Princess in Peril  and Girlfriend stereotypes. Ed is completely unique, a free-range child. Samurai Champloo: Fuu is small and physically weak […]

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Another Story Drops

Oh, the life of a writer…You write and write and write, and then if you get something published the editor(s) want you to write ad copy, too… Well, here you go. I’m guessing this will be my last story drop of the year. Now available at amazon!   Can you read the back cover copy? […]

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The Outsider: Elias Ainsworth

The Outsider is a character who comes from another world in some way; a different country, a different social class, a different planet, a different species, even a different gender. (Your Name, anyone? Although Inside Mari is a better example.) The Outsider is a useful narrative tool because people have to explain things to them. […]

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