What’s In a Name: Chibiusa

Okay, same thing as “What’s in a name?” last time. What in Heaven’s name does that name mean? It’s routine now for anime presented in the west to retain their original Japanese names, unlike the olden days when Gally could be called Alita so American audiences would find her easier to relate to. Or Chibiusa […]

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The Power of Two: Taiga and Ryuji

There was something so overpoweringly attractive going on in Toradora! that I watched it straight through twice. I mean, who knows? Might have been COVID coma at work. But it managed to transcend both cute and saccharine, and that’s a damn good trick. Wasn’t the plot. Wasn’t the setting. Wasn’t the theme. Nope. If you […]

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Character Analysis: Edward

Sometimes when you’re just walking around thinking about nothing you think of something. Like, I mean, think about Ed from Cowboy Bebop, right? What a great character! Why is a character that really doesn’t do anything such a great character? I mean, you know that Ed doesn’t really do anything, right? She’s not involved at […]

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Medium Matters: School-Live! II

Okay, so last time we looked at how manga and anime differ. Anime is an action medium while manga has more depth; the anime business is higher financial risk/reward proposition while manga can be riskier in content because of the lower costs involved. Right. I just summarized a thousand-plus word post in one compound sentence. […]

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How To Cook a Series: Nana

Nana is one of those things that’s actually easier to think about than a lot of anime, because it transcends the genre(s) in a specific way. Yeah, it’s animated and from Japan. So far as I know that makes it anime by definition. But it’s not built like a traditional anime. That may be why […]

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Character Analysis: Rikka Takanashi

There was something powerfully cute about Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions. It’s about kids with delusions of having super powers (yeah, chunibyo), which puts them on the extreme end of the spectrum that includes things like identifying with magical or powerful characters, playing RPGs, and doing cosplay, and since I do all those things I […]

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